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Rhode Island is not just a state; it is a vital part of America’s heritage. Some of the most important events in the history of the nation took place right on these lands. The historical value of Rhode Island makes this small state invaluable to the New England region’s tourism industry.

Instead of spending your vacation running around through the bars and beaches, take the time to walk the lands that the founding fathers walked upon hundreds of years before. Truly appreciate the experience of knowing that you’re standing in areas that lead to the formation of this beautiful country of America. As you trek through Rhode Island you will come upon these highlighted points of interest all along your travels. There are over 50 different National Historic Landmarks located throughout this beautiful state.

Before you start to enjoy all of the other exciting things that Rhode Island has to offer, appreciate the history that is all around you, for it is some of the last preserved historical areas in the nation.

After you have had your fill of site seeing, there are a million other things to do while you’re vacationing. Rhode Island is known for being the “Ocean State” due to its location along the eastern sea border. The peninsula here is known for its award winning fishing spots, as well as its little hidden nooks for afternoon swimming.

If you’re not the saltwater type, there are still swimming and fishing locations available for your pleasure. Rhode Island has rivers and lakes running from north to south and east to west. These freshwater locations offer you the same amenities as the state’s peninsula region with the added benefit of fresh running water.

The Ocean State isn’t all just about site seeing and fishing either. Everybody knows that the people in New England are famous for their ability to produce some of the best tasting ales around. You can venture into one of the many pubs and bars located throughout the state and enjoy a few good drinks with an accommodating array of locals. Hospitality is one of the things that the residents in Rhode Island are known for. It won’t be long before you’re fitting in with the local pub crowd enjoying stories they have to share about the surrounding areas.

You will have educational filled days and friendly warm nights starting from the minute you arrive in Rhode Island. Everything around here runs at its own pace, as you will quickly see. Transportation has been swapped out for bicycles; small quaint inns take the place of huge corporate hotels; fishing and site seeing have replaced the wild party beaches.

Rhode Island is so much more then a vacation getaway, it is a passageway to the past!

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