Rhode Island

Bars in Rhode Island

They always say that “big things come in small packages” and they weren’t kidding when it comes to Rhode Island night life. It’s a different kind of atmosphere when you walk into the pubs and beerhouses located around this historical state. You won’t find many pulsating discos like you see in big cities like Los Angeles and New York, but you will definitely find yourself a good time here.

The commercial building is two-storeys

high and has six arched shop fronts that extend to the second floor.


All the arches are trimmed with the same white tile work, which contrasts beautifully with the Audrain Building’s deep red brick veneer.


The roofline is also made distinct with an ornate white cornice.The window frames

are painted in a lively green, and in juxtaposition with the red brickwork,

they give the entire building a cheerful feel.


Bars in Rhode Island - RI Bar
O’Brien’s Pub is a good place to start out. This is the typical type of pub that you would expect to find in Newport. Nice laid back atmosphere, pool tables in the back. Draft beers on tap, big screen TV’s for watching sports, and the infamous dart board that no pub is complete without. O’Brien’s Pub is unique in the fact that they cater to your kids too. Located outside in their patio area, you will find a small fish fountain for the kids’ entertainment as well as some miniature tables and chairs. Now that’s something you’re not going to find in the big city beer houses.

Next stop is Wakefield. Here you will find The Mews Tavern. This place is the Rolls Royce of taverns in Rhode Island! They offer you 69 different beers on tap. Is that some kind of a record? The alcohol doesn’t stop with just the beers at this place either. If you mosey on up to Cecilia’s Bar you will also find that you have a selection of 69 martinis, 200 different kinds of single malt scotch, 40 vodkas, 30 rums, 30 tequilas, and over 75 different types of fine wines. The Mews Tavern is the most complete drinking establishment anywhere around this part of the East Coast. This tavern also offers some of the most delicious foods from its restaurant area although most people only come here for the drinks.

Trinity Brewhouse is located in Providence and is every beer drinker’s idea of paradise. Not only can you get your favorite run of the mill beers here, but this place serves its own concoctions from their onsite brewery. They brew their beers twice a week to keep the freshest beer in town available. Trinity offers 6 of their beers on tap at a time and they even take some of the aged stock out of the casks on occasion. If you’re looking for every taste of beer there is under the sun, Trinity Brewhouse is the only stop you’ll need.