Rhode Island

Cafe - Pubs in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is famous for having some of the best pubs throughout the north-eastern states. It is a well known fact that New Englanders love their beer pubs; thatís probably the reason why there are so many! Effinís Last Resort- This pub is located in Smithfield, Rhode Island; itís a family-style pub and grill aimed at providing the best in food, drinks, and customer service.


It has capacity for around 700 people and often is the venue for most large parties in

the area. They provide 5 large-screen plasmas with DirecTV's complete sports package, a full bar, an excellent selection

of food, and a fun atmosphere.




O'Brienís Pub is located on the corner of Waites Wharf and Lower Thames St. in Newport. For over 25 years, OíBrienís has been in business providing the residents and tourist a unique pub experience.

Cafe RI - Pubs in Rhode Island
Their garden patio seats over 250 guests and is the perfect place for sitting and enjoying a nice lunch or dinner. For families that bring along children, the patio area features a ďplay fishĒ fountain with miniature tables and chairs. During summer months, they have different outdoor entertainment playing for your listening pleasure.

Tedís Montana Grill- This pub is a little different then what you would normally find throughout Rhode Island. Itís like having a little piece of Montana right here in the Ocean State. This place emphasizes comfort and the use of natural Materials, architectural highlights such as mahogany paneling, intricately tiled floors, distressed tin ceilings, pendant lighting, ceiling fans, metal crown moldings and unpolished brass. You combine all this class with good drinks and food; you got yourself a winner for the night.

The Coda Lounge- This is a favorite amongst most visitors to Rhode Island. The Coda Lounge is located in Johnston and offers some of the best food and fun available in the state. They boast live entertainment most days of the week and have a fully stocked bar just waiting for you. The bar opens around 7 p.m. and goes strong until about 1 a.m. You can get great beer appetizers for way under $10, making it a good place to throw a party or entertain the whole bunch.

The pub list for Rhode Island goes on and on. One thing to know about the New England region is that one thing they are not short of is pubs. It is the preferred venue for drinking and they can be found anywhere in Rhode Island you decide to visit. Definitely the choice of the laid back traveler.