Rhode Island

Disco in Rhode Island

Rhode Island surprisingly has one of the hottest discos on the East Coast. The historical areas of the state give the impression of old time colonial village by day and hot night life spot by night. Providence is one of the largest cities in the state, so thatís where most of the hottest action can be found.
Ultra is the hottest disco anywhere in Rhode Island. This place goes absolutely crazy on the weekends. They have four large bars in the main room with some of the most skilled bartenders in the business.


On any given night, you can stand back and watch as the bottles are juggled in the air or the 3 bartenders do a little beer bottle boogie for you.


They also have a huge dance floor with 3 elevated platforms for those of you who love to be the spotlight dancer at the disco.

Disco in Rhode Island
The laser light show that goes on from open to close will completely mesmerize you as you dance and sweat it up on the body to body crowded dance floor. For those of you who are used to partying in style, they also offer 2 upper levels of VIP rooms! This is the area of the club where you can relax in the wrap around sofas drinking your favorite $1000 bottle of Hennessy and enjoying the view of the dance floor down below.

Live entertainment and shows are also performed at the club most weekends out of the month. This club has even seen DJ Green Lantern come in

and grace its turntables with some of the hottest dance music around. There are a lot of other small discos located around Rhode Island, but Ultra really is the only TRUE disco that the state has to offer. Most of the smaller cities have a few dance clubs, comedy bars, and things of that nature scattered around, but to actually find a disco in the area is almost impossible. Newport has a few larger dance clubs in the busy tourist district as well. The scene really died down after the fatal disco club accident that happened a few years back.

Warwick used to be home to a hot spot by the name of The Station a few years ago. In a tragic event caused by pyrotechnics, the ceiling caught fire and burnt almost 100 club goers inside to death. Since that time, most of the discos that were located inside of the older buildings closed down.

This pretty much closed the book on disco life in Rhode Island.