Rhode Island

Saint Georges Roman Catholic Church

Saint Georges is a Roman Catholic Church in Providence, Rhode Island. Tourists may make the most of their visit to the Saint Georges Roman Catholic Church by dropping by and taking a look at some of the other buildings and structures near the church.

It belongs to Rhode Islandís already large collection of churches which includes Saint Maryís Episcopal Church, the First Baptist Church, the Sacred Heart Rectory, the Pawtucket Congregational Church, the historical Norte Dame Church, the

Saint Paulís Church, the Saint Sebastianís Rectory, the Central Falls Congregational Church, the Saint Maryís Antiochian Church, the Covenant Congregational Church, the Trinity Church, the Assembly of God Church, the Cascade Oracion, the Central Baptist Church, the Saint Martinís Church, the Gethsemane Church and the United Church of Christ.


Saint Georges Roman Caholic Church

They are the Dexter Asylum, the Slater Mill Historic Site Library, the Central Falls Free Public Library, the Isaac Ray Medical Library, the Pawtucket City Hall, the Pawtucket Boys Club, the Central Falls City Hall, the Adams Memorial Library, the Harris Warehouse, the William G. Braude Library, the Main

Street Bridge, the Red Bridge, the Washington Bridge, the Division Street Bridge and the historical India Bridge.


Saint Georges Roman Catholic Church is also in close proximity to the Blackstone Boulevard Park in Blackstone. Blackstone is one of Providenceís residential neighborhoods. It is located in the northeastern part of the city. It is bounded by the Lloyd Avenue to the south and by the Hope Street to the west. Blackstoneís major thoroughfare is a street named after it, the Blackstone Boulevard.

Blackstone is a relatively new part of Providence. Because of its distance from the city proper, its development, which only started during the late 19th century, has been very slow. When a second public horse car line was put in place and completed, the Blackstoneís connection to the more advances areas of Newport strengthened. Through the new lines of connection came growth and progress. But what became the catalyst for development in the area was not the car lines, but the completion of the beautifully landscapes Blackstone Boulevard in 1894.

During the 20th century, a number of buildings were put up. These include the aforementioned Central Baptist Church, the Saint Sebastianís Roman Catholic Church and the Temple Emanuel. The rise of these buildings triggered the construction of more structures in Blackstone. Currently, Blackstone stands as one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Providence. Within it are two parks, the Blackstone Boulevard Park and the Lippit Memorial Park. The Blackstone Boulevard Park, consisting of over nineteen acres of parkland, is situated between the lanes of the Blackstone Boulevard. The Lippit Memorial Park, on the other hand, is near the Pawtucket border at the intersection of Hope Street and Blackstone Boulevard.

Blackstone is also home to Rhode Islandís only private mental hospital, the Butler Hospital. Located off the main boulevard, the hospital, founded in 1844, offers substance-abuse and psychiatric treatment programs that are among the best in America.