Rhode Island

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Rhode Island is home to some of the best higher learning institutes on the East Coast. There are 12 private colleges and universities located there, 2 public universities, and a community college. Every year, almost 20,000 students apply for the 1500 positions available in the freshman class.
The reason for this is the high quality education guaranteed to every enrolled student.

The University of Rhode Island (URI) is the largest and most prestigious university located in the state. URI offers courses in most of the major bachelor degree programs such as: oceanography, nursing, business administration, and many others.


They have 4 main campuses spread out across the state and enroll the largest

amount of nursing students in all of

Rhode Island.

Study in Rhode Island
Rhode Island College is another top college in the state. Rhode Island College is located on a 180-acre campus in the Mount Pleasant section of Providence. The college has undergone expansion in recent decades for both of their scholastic degree programs. The school is now serving approximately 9,000 students in courses and programs both on and off campus.

New England Tech opened its doors in 1940, bringing its technological studies to Rhode Island. Today, New England Tech prides itself in being the leader in technical career education in Southeastern New England. Each of their programs is taught with technical tutorial as well as hands-on training. The college offers Associateís and Bachelorís of Science degrees in over 35 different programs. Most Associateís Degree programs can be completed in as little as 18 months, and Bachelorís of Science programs in as little as 3 years

Rhode Island offers top quality higher learning to students from all walks of life. Almost 40% of the students attending school in Rhode Island are not even residents of the state. An amazing volume of students from around the world apply annually to the colleges and universities located in Rhode Island.
International applicants are also accepted at each of the stateís schools. Proper paperwork and visas are required before processing of the application, but most schools in Rhode Island are more than happy to help with the process. This explains why Rhode Island schools have such a diverse body of students at their schools.

The application process for admission to some of the larger universities in Rhode Island can start as early as the completion of the junior year in high school. If you wish to attend school here, start the application process as quickly as possible.