Rhode Island

Taxi transportion in RI

Taxi service in Rhode Island can be a little bit difficult to find if youíre not staying in one of the large cities. Frequently, the taxi drivers in Providence or Newport wonít even take their passengers into the rural areas.


Before you hop into a taxi, make sure you tell them where you

want to go first because often

it can be difficult to find one

willing to take you all the way

to your final destination.

Some of the more reliable

services are:


Airport Taxi RI- This was the best idea that any taxi company could ever have thought of.


Airport Taxi RI routinely sends one taxi out of its selected areas directly to the airport.

This allows for some of the smaller ďout of the wayĒ places in Rhode Island to have a reliable service to the airport.The same rings true for the reverse. The airport sends a taxi from the airport on a set schedule passing through some of the less traveled areas on the way to its taxi stand. The wait time can sometimes be 15 or 20 minutes in between taxis, but at least youíre sure that one is coming through. Itís one of the few taxi companies that you will see in some areas. Thank goodness somebody took the time to think of this!

Another top choice located in the Providence area is D.R. Taxi Service. This is probably the most widely used taxi service in the area. They have service every single one of the ferry docks located in Rhode Island. They even have pick-up by telephone service if you donít mind paying a little bit extra. They say they will travel anywhere in the R.I. area, but there have been scattered complaints about drivers refusing service to some of the more rural destinations. Itís definitely a good choice though because most of their fleet is new units and this can come in handy in the hot humid summer months. One important thing to mention about D.R. Taxi Service is that they accept all of the major credit cards as payments. Not many of the taxis around here do that, so if you have just come off of a foreign flight and havenít had a chance to convert your money yet, this is the best choice for you!

There are many other small taxi services located around that have good service as well. The only thing to remember is that you must make sure they will travel to your destination. All taxi services are regulated by the state transportation office so no matter where you are traveling, the cost per mile is always the same. Be careful of drivers that want to charge you by the trip and not the meter. Report them immediately!